Monday, April 18, 2011

New Blog, Same Values

Hello and welcome to Think Creative Ministries 2, a blog that comments and follows the latest in the entertainment industry from a Christian perspective. Catch reviews, trailers, and personal insights on Hollywood's flick of the week.

Think Creative Ministries 2 is a service of Think Creative Ministries. You can see this blog along with our YouTube Channel for articles and videos on Drama Ministry. You can also follow Think Creative Ministries on Facebook and Twitter for dates of the latest Sabbath Evening Live Comedy Variety Show, and our newest blog post.

Think Creative Ministries is dedicated to providing and producing safe family friendly entertainment that honors God. Whether it's on stage in church stage or on the big screen, Think Creative Ministries will help your family experience the best Hollywood has to offer. Not all the films we talk about will be Christian, but the films that are promoted will have strong and positive content for each member of your family.
Each week, you will find a list of films currently playing in your area, box on office results, trailers of upcoming features, insider info, reviews, behind the scenes, actor interviews, and a unique Christian perspective Hollywood.
You will also find our "Home Theater Flick of the Week" a review and suggestion of a featured film not currently showing in theaters. These can be found on Home Video (VHS) or (DVD) and are among some of the greatest films of all time. Some you may have seen, and others you may not.

Hang on as Think Creative Ministries puts its creativity into high gear and goes Hollywood with THINK CREATIVE MINISTRIES 2.

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