Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Movie of the Week

With summer fast approaching and the itch to be outside increases, it only seems appropriate to have this film as our "Movie of the Week!" The film is, "Camp Nowhere" a mid 90's film starring Christopher Lloyd.
What would you do if you had the entire summer to your self? That's a question Morris (Mud) seeks to answer after his parents reveal their plan to send him to a computer camp. Mud and his friends make plans of their own when they meet former drama teacher, Dennis VanWelker (Lloyd). Mud and the others pay off VanWelker to pose as various camp directors convincing the kid's parents to send them to these camps. What the parents don't know is that the kids have rented a camp with the money and plan to hang out all summer.
Things get hairy when the parents express a desire for a, "Parents Day" and bill collectors come after VanWelker for not paying the loan on his ugly car. The trails lead them to that same place where the kids and VanWelker have been hiding out all summer. In the end, everyone learns an important lesson about telling the truth and value of just being a kid.
The film is rated PG.

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